The Z generation in a changing world


The sociology and social psychology distinguishes  three kind of generations, called X, Y, Z. The X refers to those who were born after the baby-boom, the Y to those who were born between ages 1980-1995, and the members of Z are those teenagers  who were born towards the very end of the 20th century on  in the very early years of  the 21st century.

Now we live in the era of Y generation, who have a really special place in the modern world. The members of  the Y generation since their small ages are surrounded by the achievements of technique and they have to learn to find their way in this world  in the progress of change.

But maybe the Z generation is more interesting, because we consider them as the  world’s first global generation. These teenagers practically grew up with the computer mouse and keyboard in their hands and with the computer screen in front of them.  They receive more aggressive life effects and they are who will grow up more quickly than their predecessors. Their behavior, emotions and values are also determined and defined by social media and the world of the Internet. These effects create a consumer society where one lives their everyday life in the cyberspace, and starts to stand clear of reality.

If we look around, maybe we can find a bunch of teenagers  who are part of the Z generation, but what are the differences between them and the previous generations? Why is the gap between them and their predecessors increasing? Probably as a parent, a grandparent or even an elder sibling we asked these questions many, many times.  The answer is hiding exactly in the changing global world. And if we want to understand them, firstly we should understand the changing world itself. This is the only way  to accept them and maybe to decrease the generation gap.

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